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Hello and Welcome!

I'm so excited to be writing the first blog post on the brand new Stori Stables website! Its a beautiful, beautiful day here at Stori Stables! Stormy and Slewy have been turned out all morning to enjoy the sunshine.

Ella just got home from school so she's going to go out and ride Ghostie in a little while here. Ghostie seems to be doing well with going back to work after his second torn tendon. (Horses!!). He has shown no sign of lameness. Ella is super excited to be back to riding him and I think Ghostie is glad to be doing something besides hand-walking too. Ella worked for months and months to patiently heal his tendon. Its so exciting to see her work paying off! She'll probably work one of the minis, Holly and Smokey, also.

I've been planning to write this post all morning but have been seriously distracted by watching little birds outside of my office window. One little brown bird seems to be working diligently at making a nest in this planter right outside the window.

Its been diligently ferrying twigs and grass over all day.

I think a nest also might be happening in the hollow spot in the apple tree in the front yard.

Last year the same planter and apple tree branch both hosted nests. I'm super excited to meet this year's baby birds! Check back for updates!

While we wait for baby birds, there are always hummingbirds to watch.

Sorry, the hummingbirds are really hard to photograph and usually wind up a little fuzzy. Brian, my husband, calls them my "little sugar addicts". Its sort of true. I put up hummingbird feeders last year for the first time and there's usually at least 3 or 4 humming around. That's the feeder on the front porch; there's also one in the barn.

Stori Stables is really such a lovely spot. I do hope you will make plans to come visit soon!

Have a lovely day!


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