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  • What should I wear to Stori Stables?
    Closed toe shoes with laces are a must! Other than that, wear clothes that you can move comfortably in and don't mind getting dirty. Dress appropriately for the weather!
  • Horses are so big!  And don't they kick?  Is it safe?
    Danelle is always focused first and foremost on safety - both for our guests and the animals. She specializes in helping people to overcome their fear of these magnificant animals. Oftentimes, people are more comfortable having first interactions with Holly and Smokey, the minis. Horses can kick, spook, startle, bite, etc. Knowing how to interact with them and read their body language is key. Danelle knows her horses inside and out and can safely lead you through a hands-on experience.
  • Can we bring treats for the animals?
    Yes! To some extent. Almost all the animals enjoy apples and carrots. The chickens and Hazelnut the duck love strawberries. We also have plenty of treats for feeding.
  • Can we bring lunch or snacks?
    Yes! We have a couple of picnic tables available in the barn area. Please be aware that we do not have a public restroom. We do have a sink for washing hands.
  • Can we ride a horse?
    No. Unfortunately, we do not have horses available for riding.
  • How can we customize our Experience?
    Its easy! Just let Danelle know what you are interested in! Love horses? We can spend more time with the horses. If you want to know more about chickens or rabbits, we can tell you! Curious about what it really takes to own a horse? Danelle is a wealth of information. If you have an idea that's not mentioned on our website, tell us and we will do our best to make it happen!
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