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I love Spring at Stori Stables! The days are warmer but not yet hot. Most afternoons have a gentle breeze. I open all the windows in the house and let winter blow away. The evenings and nights are still cool enough to make snuggling in a warm blanket a fantastic idea. The horses are shedding their winter coats but still appreciate their light blankets at night. Its not fire season quite yet. (We'll talk more about fire season another day.)

Best yet . . . everything is in bloom!

Bulbs are popping up! I love bulbs because I don't quite remember where they are planted. So when their first leaves start to push up through the dirt from planters and in the ground, they're like little spring surprises.

The grape vines and apple trees are budding out. We have a "generous" two acres planted in pinot noir grapes. There are several varieties of apples but our favorites are the Gravensteins, of course!

There are bursts of soft color everywhere.

The camellia bush right outside my office window is one of my favorites though. I remember my grandmother's house having a lot of camellia bushes. So I think of her whenever I gaze out my window at my own lovely, pink camellias.

Spring, however, still results in slightly muddy dog paws that have to be wiped off before coming inside for breakfast after feeding the herd. (These are Obi's paws.)

Remember the bird nest I mentioned in my last post that was being built in the planter right outside the office window? I checked this morning and there are the sweetest little eggs in it!

Aren't they beautiful?! I haven't seen mama bird much this morning so I'm concerned. I think its best to just let them be. I'll keep an eye on them.

Have a beautiful Spring day and plan to come visit us soon!

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